WEDNESDAY (brown), 4/26/2017=22=4=MAAT; Allows For Practice What We Preach

WEDNESDAY (brown), 4/26/2017=22=4=MAAT=The Delineated “Laws of Maat” that allow Originals to vision Equal Justice for all persons, places and things in Creation. (to read more about Maat and other delineated Laws of Maat that constitute The One Law of Creation, go to ). I will say here, on this Maatian predominated day, that The “Laws of Maat” were vision as the limbs, the attributes, principles or neters on the Tree of Life (The Paut Neteru in Ancient Kemit), by our Ancestors to assist in our practice of The Law.
The One Law is in similitude to the One Human Body. The Human Body was made, or constituted with an infinite number of our most consciously used parts, the main ones being Head, Left Arm, Right Arm, Right Leg, Left Leg, Right Feet, Left Feet, hands & etc. But we have one Body “Right on.”
No doubt, if you are a *Human Being, you have the ability to understand there is an equivalent Spiritual Being that made and guides the use of the multitude of organs that are housed within the parts.
*PLEASE NOTE: The Human Being is differentiated from that of the Human, in that he or she consciously attempts to treat and use/practice the laws to guide the Human (earth made entity) to do the Right Thing, at the Right Time in the Right state of Mind. The conscious practice allows for attainment to Mastery of The Law to become the divine Being that was created in the beginning.

SUNDAY (yellow), 4/23/2017=1=GEB/AUSAR=Divine Balance; A Treatise on Assessing Our Balance

SUNDAY (yellow), 4/23/2017=1=GEB/AUSAR=Divine Balance. To be in the Divine Order of The Creation, a Person, Place or Thing must be in Harmony to each other. The delineated “Law of Maat” named GEB gives us the ability to assess and measure our degree of balance to each of the other Neters. When they are perfectly aligned and balanced this is felt to be divine.
[edited] SUNDAY (yellow), 12/25/2016=1=GEBAUSAR=Balance; GEBAUSAR enables us to align and balance All of the delineated “Laws of Maat” together in perfect harmony to each other. This is the goal for all Human Beings. Mastering GEBAUSAR gives us the ability to check and balance anything related to the Laws of Maat.
In example, after the 3 Heru named Laws: HeruKhuti, Heru and HetHeru, we look to Sebek to put only Persons, Places & Things together that are Righteous or Righteously inclined. Auset then anoint them with the Love that holds them together (it appears that Love is like divine glue that is available for Righteous or Righteously inclined Persons, Places & Things). The “Check” to insure that what Sebek put together that was anointed by Auset will be incorporated into the Divine Order of The Creation, they must meet the Balancing requirements of GebAusar.
* ***
SATURDAY (black), 12/24/2016=9=Auset=Divine Love. Divine Love is the absolute requirement to be within the Divine Order of The Creation. Auset is the delineated Component of The Law that the Ancestors demarcated to make it easier for Human Beings to identify and “Practice the law.” Practicing allow us to attain degrees of mastery. Only complete mastery will meet the requirement to be incorporated into Divine Order.

FRIDAY (green), 4/21/2017=8=Sebek=Unity: Announcing 7th Annual NAT TURNER DAY OF TOTAL ECLIPSE

FRIDAY (green), 4/21/2017=8=Sebek=Unity. Sebek is the delineated “Law of Maat” that allows for bringing elements together to make whole Persons, Places and Things: Meanwhile, Human Beings with a certain degree of Understanding have the Wisdom to Know that there is only One Reality; and that is the Unification of the Universal All.
[edited] SATURDAY (black), 7/11/2015=8=Sebek. Sebek is a name for the Universal Melanin Law that predominate our ability to bring persons, places and things together for the power that is in our unity.
The Creator is so Awesome, there are certain imperatives in our Life Experience that are not subject to our Humanity. Or, as in the case of Reproduction necessities, He made romance and mating such a pleasurable experience, it is driven by The Power of Love itself.
The ability of the man and woman to have a baby can happen regardless to our state of mind when we have sex.
When it is said that the “whole is greater than any of it parts,” it is the Law of Sebek that gives us the ability, to not only bring the parts together, but mastery of certain degrees of Sebek also permit us to conceive of the Vision of the Universal All in Divine Order. The power we need to live successful, wholesome, enjoyable lives is prevalent within the dynamics of the Divine Order of Universal All.
Some Black people often mistakenly think that the races have the same properties to think and conceive of Maat. This is not so, white people do not have the ability to UNDERSTAND justice for all; or that all humans are created with certain inalienable rights. They may have the ability to KNOW (as per the U. S. Constitution) about inherent Human Rights; but, apparently, they only UNDERSTAND to the degree of their own self serving needs.
Meanwhile, it is the ability to understand certain degrees of knowledge that gives Human Being the WISDOM to respect the Human Rights of others.
On the one hand Black people who think white people conceive of Freedom, Justice and Equality in Maatian (Ancient Kemit vision of the Divine Order of the Creation) concepts subjects THEM to the preferred way Caucasians practice the false notion of White Supremacy. That is through their practice and ability to deceive self and others.
However, we mustn’t lament how we have been brutalized as well as deceived in the White Supremacy Experiment, also called the United States of America. One major reason we’re absolutely powerful, unconquerable people is our practice of trying to treat white people, and backward, unlearned, and uncouf Black people as we would like to be treated.
Since practice makes perfect, in this case practice makes masters of whatever laws you use to try to treat others as we’d like to be treated. This mastery and strength has allowed us to survive and also thrive. Especially on Spiritual Reams. But less we forget, we live on both the physical as well as spiritual realm.
As we prepare for the 7th annual Nat Turner Weekend Commemoration, we are mindful of the ways and means Nat Turner and the Black Liberation Army of 1831 tried to balance their own Spirituality and Physicality in the revolt 186 years ago in Southampton County, Virginia.
We are planning major a Weekend of events, beginning Friday, August 18 and ending on the day of a total eclipse August 21 Pan Afrikan Experience with Dr. Umar Ifatunde Johnson. Please Join us.
There will be an “Open Mic” for Guests who want to share what they do, or what they propose to do in all days leading up to August 21. All Vendors are welcome to sell anything except for food. We have plenty of room for buses for all who’d like to make a little money by organizing a trip. Or call 434-378-2140 for more information.

WEDNESDAY (brown) 4/19/2017=6=Heru=Taking Personal Responsibility for Ill Behaving Black Youth

WEDNESDAY (brown) 4/19/2017=6=Heru=Self-Determination, Resolute, Will Power. In Ancient Kemit Spirituality, Philosophy & Mythology, Heru was the Avenging Prince. He came to understand that his Father, the benevolent King had been murdered by a known enemy. In other words his people were deprived of the beneficial sharing of a good person, in a good place whom dispensed common good things that permitted the actualization of True Knowledge of Self, The Creator and the Open enemy.
Heru, as do Blackmen and Women, born within the confines of the false notion of the white supremacy experiment, called the United States of America, eventually come to varying degrees of understanding that our benevolent Ancestors possessions were stolen, strayed or forgotten.
Heru in his youth, not having inherited the ways of his Warrior Ancestors, made mistakes, committed errors and indulged in excesses. Fortunately for Heru and the mass majority of Black Youth today, none of the mistakes, errors and excesses are so bad they are fatal. In fact, in overcoming the mistakes, errors & excesses (faults) we become stronger. This is because to overcome the faults we must use the power that is already within us. It is a scientific power, governed by laws, as is all science.
The “Mythology” says that Heru made mistakes, errors and indulge in excesses because he was not master of the laws that constituted the science. Like many Black Youth of today, he tried anyway – meaning he used the power/science within. To succeed, Heru by “Trial and “Error” practiced (“Makes perfect”) he managed to avoid a fatal fault and eventually mastered every law that constituted the science/power. He then used his mastery to defeat the open enemy, the murderer of his father, ascended the throne (reclaimed his possessions, his inheritance), and ruled benevolently in the ways of his Dad.
Blackmen and Women who have acquired a certain degree of Understanding, about the nature of the false doctrine of White Supremacy, are of a mind to spare Black Youth, and others, the perilous nature of “Trial & Error.” We have found that the greatest impact we can make in the immediacy is synthesizing legacies of The Ancestors with academics and physical tasks called “Rites of Passage into Black Manhood.” In other words, the KKVV ManUp Camp Rites of Passage into Black Manhood, tasks Participants to practice their inherit power; the practice will result in the necessary Mastery to shape their lives to become successful Human Beings.
Inbox me for more information. You may also go to for an overview of the KKVV (Khalifah Kujichagulia Village Virginia). ManUp Global is contracted to run our camp as well as camps in other places. We will send you a downloadable, online brochure.

THURSDAY (purple), 4/13/2017=9=Auset=Auset is predominates Loving: Also LESSON #5

THURSDAY (purple), 4/13/2017=9=Auset=Auset is predominate over Love, the adhesive that hold the Universal All together in Divine Order. What Sebek binds into unity is anointed with the Love of Auset if the Person, Places or Things bound are Righteous or righteously inclined.
[edited] THURSDAY (purple), 2/25/2016=9=Auset. Auset is a name for the delineated “Law of Maat” of Love: It empowers our ability to love; and to love divinely. That is when we reach a certain degree of mastery in accepting Right and rejecting Wrong in the execution of our words, acts and deeds. The goal in practicing/using Auset, as it is with the other Laws of Maat, is to obtain 360 degrees of mastery. Some would say this is the goal of, and purpose for having a Life Experience in the First Place.
In Ancient Kemit mythology, Auset is the Divine Mother in the triad with the Divine Father (Ausar) who fathers her Divine Son (Heru). In the mythology, Their characteristics are models for the Hue Man, Woman and Child. Our KKVV Introduction to Rites of Passage Camps into Black Manhood shares knowledge to guide Participants in ways and means to overcome challenges and issues to be as per the model Human Being.
Meanwhile the only known way to overcome challenges and issues in our Life Experience is to practice the “Laws of Maat.” “Practice makes perfect” so as you use/practice the Laws you are also using the only known ways and means to attain mastery.

LESSON #1 is familiarize self with and memorize the identified delineated “Laws of Maat.”
LESSON #2 is to familiarize self with and memorize the 42 Principles of Maat.
LESSON #3 is to familiarize self with and memorize the predominate features of the delineated “Laws of Maat.”
LESSON #4 is to select one of the Laws of Maat that most interest you; then synthesize it to one of the 42 Principles of Maat.
LESSON #5 is to Review the disposition you have with the would-be-Ausar, Auset (mother, father guardian, mentor & ect.) in or whom was in your life that practice, or practiced (if deceased) unconditional love: Were they free of the faults that you know about in your own Life Experience.
PLEASE NOTE: The above “Journalistic” Treatise and Lessons are excerpted from a Comprehensive Book in progress about The Creation. Journalistic writings have their own limitations: the book is more expansive to the degree of my own mastery. Also, all the above are widely written about – some have also practiced – by both Neterian Scholars, as well as others. More can be found on the internet, including researching my own presence here. I am also available for questions, discussions & brief statements at 434-378-2140 10am to 3pm.


FRIDAY (green), 4/7/2017=3=Sekher=Power. Practice using power with the Creative, Imagination of HetHeru in mind. This will maximize your execution of words, acts and deeds to overcome challenges and issues to reach goals, destinations, mastery or whatever it is that is your utmost desire at that particular, place in time.
[edited] FRIDAY (green), 1/29/2016=3=Sekher. Sekher is a name for the Universal Melanin Law that predominate our governing of power; all power. Combined with the other laws of maat, you can concentrate the focus of your energy to pinpoint where you want it to impact Persons, Places and Things in our Life Experience.
One thing that I constantly try to remember to alert, would be conscious users /practitioners of the delineated “Laws of Maat,” that there is nothing spooky about Spirituality. The only thing that counts is being conscious of the fact that there are, in fact, One Melanin (without blemish) Law that governs everything, in any place where we happen to be at any particular time. Spirituality is the breaking down of MELANIN SCIENCE (unblemished science) into component parts that our ancestors called “Laws of Maat.”
The unknown or “spooky” factor is that many Humans are not conscious of the fact that there is a law that predominate every one of our Words, Acts and Deeds. Estimating what the law is, that governs each day of the week, is what the numbers in the date in today’s opening paragraph represent. Knowing this to a certain degree; and understanding it to that certain degree; gives us the equivalent degree of Wisdom to practice/use the essence that is within what we say we know. WHAT’S SPOOKY ABOUT THAT?
Yes, hearing me say it with clarity and examples of application may be preferred. And that is one reason congregational meetings are called by folk who are situated in life to share their blessings and accomplishments. Also, that is the reason we certainly did expect The First Planning Meeting at KKVV to have a successful outcome.
If you can, make it your business to come and see what we are sharing. Right now growing and storing foods and herbs in abundance during the present Solar Cycle Journey is only potential. How much of the Potential we realize, yes, will be the level of readers Understand the need to grow and store abundant foods & things.
The primary need, in this example, for you to have a certain degree of the knowledge that the opportunity is here – on this Nat Turner Birth Land to hedge against forecasting famines in the United States of America.
I dare say, the famine forecast has already occurred in Black America. All Caucasians need do to actualize the famine is to stop selling food, clothing and shelter to Black American people. They will not stop right now because they need the cash they generate from our consumerism. Also, key to fulfilling their own needs is tampering with what they still grow in the good earth.
This is what GMO is about: additives to increase the profitability in selling food & things. So a by-product of Growing and Storing in Abundance will allow us to avoid much of the GMO that has seeped into the food systems in the United States of America.
THE PLANNING MEETING IS THE WEEKEND OF FEBRUARY 12, IN THE PRESENT SOLAR CYCLE JOURNEY. The period to plan for the next Solar Cycle Journey, including the period when we plant food seedlings as well as Spiritually Seedlings is now. Contact us vial phone 434-378-2140 or email 10 and to 3 pm daily. We are making it as easy to participate in the KKVV Food Project as we possibly can. If you plan to be here or not next month, or at any time, make a donation. This helps us to prepare for your arrival.
We are going to make a financial report at the meeting. Help to make that report such that we will have enough money already in the bank to grow one or two abundant food or herb crops. Make your preference known as per Brother Reparations Ari Merretteron did with his donation. Yes Baba Ari, we intend to have some String Beans to harvest this fall.


WEDNESDAY (brown), 4/5/2017=1=GEB/AUSAR. Geb is the delineated “Law of Maat” that predominates our ability to balance our Words, Acts & Deeds. Our aim is that the power of our words be spoken in harmony and balance; that our actions are moved in rhythm and balance; and that our in deeds are intended to be balanced and righteous. In other words, when we have mastered GEB all our The Laws of Maat will be in harmony and balance to each other.
[edited] WEDNESDAY (brown) 12/2/2015=4=Maat. Maat is a name for the delineated “Law of Maat” that predominate our ability to see Justice for All. I speak here about the vision and “see” of the Original Man and Woman. One of the main impediments to empowering self and kind is in thinking that the Freedom, Justice and Equality we perceive for all is also the same state of being seen and perceived by our enemies. The Originals, when our consciousness has been raised to a certain degree, have the ability to perceive of Justice for all Persons, Places and Things. The history, as well as latter day oppressors indicates that they are cannot perceive of such a society.

Today we return to adding my estimation of the Melanin Laws at the end of articles. Specifically, this is my estimation about the Number and the Color that predominate each day. The day begin when our golden, life giving star called the Sun, rises in the East. We know that it is not the sun rising but what appears to us as a rising is actually the revolution, the turning of our home planet on its own axis in the approximate time of 24 hours.

Of course the Earth is also revolving around the Sun. The revolution around the sun is called one year; and the cycle of one year is what we have been calling THE SOLAR CYCLE JOURNEY for the past five years. 2011 is the year that we became conscious participants in the Journey. We have been consciously of the Journey since that time.

Like everything else that we know (knowledge), the more that you understand the more efficiently we are able to use the essence that is within any particular knowledge. It is the understanding that gives us the Wisdom to efficiently use the Knowledge. This is just another way to say UNDERSTANDING KNOWLEDGE = WISDOM.

Once I became a conscious traveler during the Solar Cycle Journey I wanted to understand more about it. I say more because we cannot last one instant as Humans without Understanding something about the Sun. Even the main character, in one of my favorite jokes, has a tiny bit of Understanding about the Sun.
I. E. when the “Nit Wit finds him or herself in the Sahara Desert with a coat on, the Nit wit uses the Wisdom from his Understanding to wisely take off the coat.”

The point is we all understand something about the life giving properties of the Sun. To my way of thinking, the more that you Understand about what you know, the more Wisdom you will have to use the Power that is within the Knowledge.

When I became a Conscious Traveler on the Solar Cycle Journey I was of a mind to understand as much as I could about what is going on during all parts of the Journey: 1) what is going on at the beginning of the Journey (The Spring Equinox) 2) what is going on during the Journey during the Summer ( Summer Solstice 3) what is going on during the Harvest (Autumn Equinox) 4) and last but certainly not the least; what is going on during the Winter (Winter Solstice).
Finally, my Understanding of Knowledge about the Solar Cycle Journey gave me some clarity about the legacy of our Ancestors in Ancient Kemit. They encoded the Wisdom of the Universe in teachings about the Solar Cycle Journey. That is, within Kemit Spirituality and Philosophy. The Wisdom from that Understanding convinced me that a people who had the knowledge to raise the Pyramids, had a deep understanding of something that I need. That is Power to make my “maximum contribution to the total uplift of African people.”

The fundamental way they shared the knowledge was in the use/practice of their Understanding about the Solar Cycle Journey. Limitations for this article will not permit sharing any more of my estimations this morning.

However, I will say, what I found is that each day that the Earth revolves on its axis has a number; the number is coded to a one of the particular delineated “Laws of Maat.” I also found and understand to some degree that each day of the week has a color. Understanding the significance of the Law and the Color for each unique day of the week gives us the Wisdom to use/practice the essence of the Knowledge (power) within them.

Finally, as always, I am available for discussion about anything that I write. This is especially true about The Melanin Science that the Solar Cycle Journey is based within. My email address is You may also call me at 434-378-2140. 10am to 3pm please!

Also, I have written a “ton” of words about the above subject. Many of the articles are at one of my websites: – all contributions, purchases, donations & etc. are used to substantiate the building of The Nat Turner Library Complex. Nat Turner was a student of Ancient Kemit Spirituality and Philosophy. That is one of the reasons why I study and do whatever I can to preserve his Legacy.
[edited] TUESDAY (red), 12/1/2015=3=Sekher. Sekher is a name for the delineated Law of Maat that predominate our use of Power. Use of this law gives us the ability to both acquire power and to dispense, use or mis-use power. These are the reasons which the title of one of my books is, “The Acquisition and Proper Use of Power.”
[edited] WEDNESDAY (brown) 12/2/2015=4=Maat. Maat is a name for the delineated “Law of Maat” that predominate our ability to see Justice for All. I speak here about the vision and “see” of the Original Man and Woman. One of the main impediments to empowering self and kind is in thinking that the Freedom, Justice and Equality we perceive for all is also the same state of being seen and perceived by our enemies. Th ae Originals, when our consciousness has been raised to a certain degree, have the ability to perceive of Justice for all Persons, Places and Things. The history, as well as latter day oppressors indicates that they are cannot perceive of such a society.

Sunday (yellow), 4/2/2017=Creative Imagination; AFFIRMATIONS IN THE USE TO HETHERU JUX TO OTHER LAWS OF MAAT

SUNDAY (yellow), 4/2/2017=7=HetHeru=Creative Imagination. HetHeru (7)+Sekher (3)=1: The maximizes the Creative, Imaginative Use Our Power.
SUNDAY (yellow), 3/13/2016=7=HetHeru. HetHeru is a name for the delineated “Law of Maat” that that gives us our ability to be creative and imaginative in the use of Power (Sekher) to execute our words, acts and deeds to relate to Persons, Places and Things that are in our Life Experiences.
Our Live Experiences are within the Destiny where we encounter challenges and issues that we practice the Laws of Maat to overcome to the greatest degree of Righteousness possible. HetHeru gives us the ability, among other things, to imagine what law is needed for any particular challenge or issue. Furthermore, Hetheru also governs our ability to be creative in the use of power to bring into manifestation the Force and Power to complete the task, or to certain degrees of satisfying, successful, wholesome, enjoyable Life Experiences.
On this day of HetHeru I will use the divine power of Ausar to be creative and imaginative in overcoming challenges and issues that are in my Life Experience
On this day of HetHeru I will use the Wisdom from my understanding of Tehudi to creatively and imaginatively use necessary power to overcome challenges & issues within my Life Experience.
On this day of HetHeru I will use the power of Sekher to be righteous, creative and imaginative in overcoming the challenges and issues in my Life Experience
On this day of HetHeru I will strive to be Maat in overcoming challenges & issues; in my own life and in service to others, with equal justice for all
On this day of HetHeru I will use HeruKhuti to control my emotions in relating to Persons, Places and Things in my Life Experience
On this day of HetHeru I will use the Will Power of Heru to avenge the theft for what was stolen, lost or strayed; from me or from African people: I will practice Self-Determination to Live degrees of Successful, satisfying, Wholesome, Enjoyable Life Experience.
On this day of HetHeru I will use the Creative and imaginative law of HetHeru to generate and apply the necessary power to achieve degrees of Successful, Satisfying, Wholesome, and Enjoyable Life Experiences.
On this day of HetHeru I will use the unifying power of Sebek to bring apparent individual Persons, Places & Thing into unity to make what is considered to be Wholes; with the understanding that the only Whole in Reality is the Universal All.
On this day of HetHeru I will be imaginative and creative in the use of the Love of Auset to unite Righteous or Righteously inclined Persons, Places & Things brought into unity to make wholes in my Life Experience.
On this day of HetHeru I will use the balance of GEB to equalize my creative and imaginative ability to harmonize and practice the Laws of Maat simultaneously.

SATURDAY (black), 4/1/2017=6=Heru, The Avenging Prince in Ancient Kemit Spirituality, Philosophy and Mythology

SATURDAY (black), 4/1/2017=6=Heru, The Avenging Prince in Ancient Kemit Spirituality, Philosophy and Mythology.
[edited]SATURDAY (BLACK), 2/13/2016=6=Heru. Heru is the avenging prince in Ancient Kemit Spirituality, Philosophy and Mythology.
Heru is the son of Ausar and Auset, the king and queen. He avenges the slaying of his father by practicing Self-Determination. Self-Determination cannot be practiced without having Will Power. So we see that when you practice Will Power you must be determined, self-determined, to maintain the ways and means that will get the desired result.
The desired result. In in the above example of mystical teachings is to avenge the slaying of his father and restore the kingdom to its former great state of service to the people. Also, we must be mindful that practicing to overcome challenges is the only known way to master anything. And this in a “Nutshell” is what the whole Life Experience is about: Mastering the delineated “Laws of Maat,” which will result in Mastery of Universal Melanin (unblemished) Law of the Creation.
For African people, Heru is the name of the “Law of Maat” that gives us the ability to avenge/recover all that was stolen, lost or forgotten during some 500 years of the challenge of a false, but brutal White Supremacy Oppression. The Khalifah Kujichagulia Village [KKVV] is conceived as an African Village where Representatives (khalifah’s) of The Creator, are practicing Self Determination (Kujichagulia) on the good Earth Birth Place of Ancestor Nat Turner.
One hundred and eighty-five years ago Nat Turner was in a heightened state of planning to recover the Persons, Places and Things (PPT’S) that were stolen from Captive African People. Not unlike us today, Nat Turner knew that he could only succeed if he effectively used the resources that was already at his command. This Knowledge was Understood to the degree that he realized the equivalent Wisdom (from the Understanding) to carefully plan his Words, Acts and Deeds to achieve his objectives.
His objective was to Free African people from Chattel Bondage to White people, for the most part. He was effective because of the level of Planning during the time of the Solar Cycle Journey that was instituted by our Ancestors in Ancient Kemit. The time, the season in the present Solar Cycle is the Winter Solstice.
We too are planning to achieve clear objectives during the coming Solar Cycle Journey. Because of the effective use of power by Nat Turner, our Ancestors have advised us to apply ways and means to effectively use our Power to make contributions to achieve the exact same objectives. That is Free African people from White Supremacy based Oppression.
Us who heard and understood our Latter day & recent Ancestors to certain degrees are busy. There are abundant opportunities today to practice what the Ancestors taught about Self-Determination. This would be impossible to do if you do not use the Wisdom of Latter Day Ancestors to survive. For, to the Man or Woman Ancestor, we were told to “Do For Self!” And this is what we are planning to do:
Over the period of time we have been living on the land in Southampton County, Virginia, the plan was always to use the open fields to grow Wholesome Food; the plan was to use the woods to grow Strong Herbs; and to bring participants through Rites of Passage into Black Manhood/Womanhood. As such, we’d be introducing ways and means to hedge against the forecasted doom of our oppressors and their world if they do not avoid or mitigate against their own Karma. At the same time we’d be living as per what is ordained by our Divine Creator. That is to live Wholesome, Productive, Enjoyable lives practicing the Universal Melanin Law of Creation.
Anyone who’d like to be a part of plans to Grow & Store Abundant Food is asked contact us. We have already held our First Planning Meeting for the Present Solar Cycle Journey. There will be one more meeting. At Meeting Two we will decide how much land is needed to plant the crops we will consider during this weekend.
The Consideration is to identify the resources we’ll have at our disposal to do our work this year (farming tools and money to pay helpers to use them). Any contribution will help in that regard.


FRIDAY (green), 3/31/2017=8=Sebek. Sebek is the mystical name of this Khalifah. I have greatly mastered the “Laws of Maat” that permit Humans to put Persons, Places and Things together to make what is considered a whole. Meanwhile, the only Whole, in reality is the unification of the Universal All Persons, Places and Things (PPT’S).
FRIDAY (green), 12/23/2016=8=Sebek=Unity; putting Persons, Places and Things together to make what humans consider to be wholes. However Human Beings understand there is only One Whole in actuality; and that is Unification of the Universality of All Persons, Places & Things in the Universe. It was a great day for me when I became conscious of this fact. It was a greater day when I realized that the predominating number for me is 8=Sebek.
Sebek is an attribute of every Human, as are all the Neters that are the Branches, so to speak, constituting the Tree of Life. We are born from the Unseen into the Seen with certain proclivities, a predisposition to be dominate as we practice/use certain of the neters. [Read carefully now, Human attributes are Neters, Neters are the delineations from The Law. Neterian Scholars appear to be in agreement in the translation the delineations by our Ancestors in Kemit as “Laws of Maat”].
There are many, many ways to determine your individual predisposition: Astrology, Numerology, etc. Within African culture we find yet another of the many things that were brutally taken away by practitioners of a false doctrine called White Supremacy.
These are the variations of Naming Ceremonies in African civilization. The number of days from birth vary from village to village, but there may be a consensus that nine days after birth the Village Elder will peer into the baby’s face. What he or she is looking for is the reflection of the baby’s dominate predisposition. The baby will be given that name. How did you get your name? You, reader, how did you receive your name?
Did you Know I said all the above to try some how to magnify the importance of the dominate CYCLE in our Life Experiences. Of the many Cycles that encircle us during the span from birth into The Unseen into the Seen, then our return to the Unseen called death, The Solar Cycle Journey capsulate all that we intend to do, do or would have done if we had the wherewithal, the vision and a plan.
Self-Realization is the best way to arrive at your dominate predisposition as a Human Being. We call us Human Beings at this point because becoming Self-Realized is a impossibility if you are not a Spiritually Conscious Person, Place or Thing. Another way to say this is, “Spiritual people know it is best to accept and do right, reject and avoid doing wrong.” This is the over arching thing that we strive to do: Reject wrong and embrace right in our ever WAD’S (Words, Acts & Deeds).
Us who are conscious of The Solar Cycle Journey are preparing to experience a ritual designed by our Ancestors to determine to what degree our efforts to accept right and reject wrong was successful during the Present Solar Cycle Journey.
The righteousness in your Words, Acts and Deeds will determine the degree of mastery you attained to during this Cycle. And whatever degree yours happen to be will be a number that will add up and reduce to one of the Neters on the Tree of Life. Since each Neter has a number, the number will have a name English folk call an attribute. That name will be yours if you realize it and accepted it.
Any questions? Call 434-378-2140 to question, discuss or make a brief statement. Please call between 10 am and 3pm. 434-378-2140