A Treatise on the Acquisition and Proper Use of Power

FRIDAY (green), 12/9/2016=3=Sekher=Power, all power: The aim and objective of Sekher is to use power Righteously, Spiritually. This can only be achieved when we consult with Sekher’s composite complementary Law of Maat, that is HetHeru – the predominate law that governs our creativity and imagination. And, of course, practicing/using power righteous results in achieving mastery over both laws. I have already written quite a lot about this duality. Read to your fulfillment at one of my websites: www.black-e-books.com – make a contribution before or after your go there. Don’t worry about it if you don’t feel to donate: somebody else has already paid for a certain amount of readings in the lead up to the 2016 Final Judgment in the Present Solar Cycle Journey. The “Donors” are Conscious Human Beings who needed the “Good” work as well as you enjoy reading about how to have a, successful, satisfying, enjoyable life in the here and now…and you may also call for a discussion about…

How Can You Help to Evolve KKVV Into a “Place of Destination for Black people?

AS THE KING, in the Kingdom called The Khalifah Kujichagulia Village (KKVV), one of my duties is to evaluate and “Estimate” where interested Black men and women may fit into the Vision:“Wherefores,” Dynamics and other Requirements” to live successful, satisfying, meaningful, enjoyable lives,” as KKVV evolve 123 acres of Farmland (to grow and store wholesome foods/herbs), Educational and Recreational Areas (especially for children), Woodland (to bring Blackmen thu Rites of Passages into Black Manhood) as we evolve to become “A place of Destination for Black people during crises” or to vacation). Nat Turner Trail Tours are staged from here.
During the month of the “Final Judgment [December]” of the Present Solar Cycle Journey I am available to help interested parties to take assessments (questioned) and be guided to things that you can do in KKVV. We use telephone and personal appearances. And on the Last Day of Kwanzaa we are having our traditional Imani Open House: Celebrations in good music, food, business and education is a dynamic Black historic setting. Call 434-378-2140 for more information.
Google The Khalifah Kujichagulia Village or The Nat Turner Library for our address and directions. 434-378-2140

Expounding on the Paut Neteru/Tree of Life: Living The Law

SUNDAY (yellow), 12/4/2016=7=HetHeru=Imagination & Creativity. 2016 Final Judgment Preparation…
In Ancient Kemit Spirituality and Philosophy, the Tree of Life is called The Paut Neteru. The Tree is a systematic, constituted way to get the human to know & understand to acquire the Wisdom to practice THE ONE UNIVERSAL MELANIN LAW OF CREATION [Melanin is added to the name to indicate that Universal Law is unblemished].
“The Laws of Maat” are delineated aspects from the One Universal Law. The delineated aspects are the attributes that are called “Neters” of The Paut Neteru. If you use the analogy called The Tree of Life, the Neters are the branches that make up The Tree.
The Laws of Maat are named: Ausar, Tehudi, Sekher, Maat, HeruKhuti, Heru, HetHeru, Sebek, Auset, and GEB. Further, the laws are the attributes of humans that we use to practice as we execute our Words, Acts & Deeds to achieve successful, wholesome, enjoyable Life Experiences. Tehudi is the law that governs Wisdom.
Tehudi/Wisdom was given the assignment to find a plan that each human could practice to master the Laws of Maat. Understanding Knowledge about the need, Tehudi wisely came up with the ideal to put each human in individual destiny’s. While it is essential to Know, when you Undestand what you know degrees of Wisdom will be derived. Wisdom in this case will let you Know that you need Power to practice the essence of what you Know.
Power is found in Sekher and in Sekher is where we also find our Destiny. Yes! We use the generated power of Sekher to overcome the challenges & issues. Since the predominate law for today is HetHeru we will hasten to say we use our Wisdom to use our Creativity and Imagination to righteously use the Power to overcome said challenges and issues.
The degree of Righteously determines our success to live satisfying enjoyable lives. When humans know and understand the each law, we execute our words, acts and deeds as the divine beings that we were created to be.


On the first day of the fast declared by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad; and I hope all who had a desire to observe IT are doing so at this time; for those who had a desire to both observe and also participate in the Fast, have already received some good word about the intent and purpose for the abstention from food, drink, foul language, anger and other actions that have the effect of depressing the Spiritual nature of humans.
Since the Fast was specific to Black people, may we successfully gird ourselves against the lure of the wicket intent of the “Open Enemy” that The Honorable Elijah Muhammad properly identified to us; for lest we forget the Knowledge we have been exposed to, and forsake the Wisdom from understanding that Knowledge – Wisdom that unveil to us time after time that the closer one gets to a goal, the more difficult is the task necessary to apply to overcome the Challenges to score.
So let us get up and go! Let us fly to move forcefully, firmly into the Right Paths that the tremendous wellspring of Knowledge that is ours, because of the leaders, teachers, men and women, who have gone before us. The Messenger of Allah, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad is magnified because of the comprehensive nature of the work that he achieved – remember, the Million Man March, Minister Malcolm X, Minister Louis Farrakhan, and etc. was and is because of The Message of Elijah.
In his statement Declaring the December Fast, The Messenger begins with the treatment of our Spirit Selves: for in a year-long association in the midst of a White Supremacist, oppressive, wayward, Tea Party Mentality population, we have taken on any number, character and nature of things we did to survive.
Starting with self, let this be the month that we truly discard things that are not correct, and embrace the Right Things; the Good Things that ALWAYS accompany the incorrect things – Fasting, and doing other things that cause us to pay attention to the Unseen side of self help to shape our character/presence among family, friends, nation and humanity – strengthens our resolve to throw off the remnants of Chattel Slavery, Second-Class Citizenship and other forms of oppression.
Opportunity is ours for the acting to show we have the Wisdom to use it properly: if anyone is confused about what can be done – BY SELF, you must ask someone who have both a way and instruction, FOR YOU: call 434-378-2140.
We shall be doing, what may be our last show on blogtalkradio at 12 noon today: “Correcting, Preserving and Propagating Black History.” If you miss the live cybercast, it will be archived 24/7 for listening later; we continue with the Study of “The Suppressed Rebellion: Black Revolution Conceived – Quotations from 450 Afrikans 1555 to 2002,” by The Great Areeb Malik Shabazz – the call in number is 310-742-1887.
Today’s show will end with a discussion about The December Fast that was declared by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad: Remember to Fast at the least one day during this month.


THURSDAY (purple) 11/24/2016=8=Sebek. Sebek is the delineated Maat Law of Unity. This is the law/neter/attribute of Person, Place or Things that allow for unification of elements to form what is considered to be a Whole Person, Place or Thing. Meanwhile, the only Whole is The Unity of the Universal All of Our Creation.
Sebek is the predominate attribute of The Khalifah that founded and is the Administrator of KKVV. That’s me! Since I am who I Am, I have written many words expressing my estimation of the meaning and practice of Sebek: so I will share (maybe today) a selection we have already written and endeavored to live that gives our estimation about the Power and mastery of Sebek.
I know relatively few of us are cognizant about The Final Judgment of the Present Solar Cycle Journey (SCJ); and fewer still can spare necessary time in preparation for the FINAL JUDGMENT (next month). However, whether you are aware or not you:
1) are on the journey with us, (the Earth around the Sun)

2) us who are Conscious of the SCJ serve to varying degrees for Black people in particular, but for all in general

3) The 2 new books that i wrote and published during this SCJ are timely publications, if you are “Consciously” on the trip with me, do yourself a favor and put some money/energy into my service by purchasing a copy, or simply make a donation into my GOFUNDME account

4) Plan a visit to KKVV to see what a “Place of Destination for Black People” looks like in the Autumn Equinox of the Present Solar Cycle Journey, and see if this maybe a place you’d like to head for; to work or play, but we must prepare now for the possible Coming Distress: on 123 acres of Secured Nat Turner Birth Land we presently grow wholesome food, herbs, “Sport and play” (a prime blessing in a life “is to enjoy yourself), Conduct Nat Turner Trail tours, Guide Young Black Males though Rites of Passage into Black Manhood & etc. contact me for more information.


MONDAY (blue), 11/21/2016=5=HeruKhuti=Control of Emotions, Self Protection.
Gye Gname began as a substitute for a Caucasian holiday with a terrible connotation: on Thanksgiving the so-called Pilgrims woke up to find they were not not killed and eaten up, on a new green, plush land. Of course not only not “Eaten up” but went on to steal the land from the Natives they found in North America. So they gave thanks, but for many centuries Black people knew something was wrong, though giving thanks is very appropriate for anything given to us by white people; but we couldn’t put our minds on what was wrong about Thanksgiving.
Then we received Proper Knowledge of Self, The Creator & The Enemy that we knew had abused, abused us and slaughtered the Native people.
We first insured we had the right mindset for what was an excellent Family Gathering time of the year. We got a little more consciousness and begin substituting their days with more meaningful names and meanings. We changed Thanksgiving to GYE GNAME and Christmas to Kwanzaa. This Friday will be the 5th annual celebration of GYE GNAME at KKVV. It means varying things in Africa, to us it also means “Only the Creator” is worthy of praise: so we give thanks.
This will be another one of the opportunistic times to visit to see what KKVV is about; and to see if the Land of Nat Turner is suitable to help build what you are planning for your future: Vacation, future Residence or whatever. Don’t forget, the overarching ideal for KKVV is that it is evolving to be a “Place of Destination for Black people during Crises in the United States of America.
Call 434-378-2140 for more information…

SUNDAY (yellow) 11/20/2016=Maat. A man conceived replica of The Divine Order of The Creation.

SATURDAY (black), 6/25/2016=22=Maat.Thoughts of Degrees of Mastery: A Human A vision to practice replication of the Divine Order of Creation. Maat is a standard to measure our degree of mastery of Melanin Universal Law. We must strive to use/practice the Laws of Maat to overcome challenges and issues in life with Justice for All. The amount of righteousness in the practice to achieve desired results determines the amount of degrees of the attainment of mastery.
The Laws of Maat are the delineated from The Melanin Law of Maat. Our Learned Ancestors of Ancient Kemit delineated the laws to make it easier to practice and master The Law.
The lowest degree of mastery is stupidity, or very low frequency. The highest end is to conceive of the Divine Order in every Person, Place or Thing and say “be” to bring order to any situation necessary. This is the possibility and aim during the Conscious observation and practice during the Solar Cycle Journey.
The estimation of how well we do in each Solar Cycle is measured at The Final Judgment at the end of the annual harvest in December. This is what the proverbial feather in Ancient Kemit is about. That is, your character/heart must balance the weight of a feather on the scale of justice.
READ MORE…get my new book, “Mastering The Melanin Body System of Universal Laws: Introduction to Melanin Science.” It is available in my FB Bookstore: UBUS BOOKS & THINGS PLUS.


The Original Confessions of Nat Turner is one of the most important of the some 500 titles UBUS COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS have published. Daughter Nadirah collaborated with me in producing the latest: a soon-to-be “Best Seller.” I have stated many time during several hundred tours we have conducted and explained the significance of sites on The Nat Turner Trail: “The Confessions of Nat Turner is one of the most remarkable documents in human history.”
Every tours gives its on rewards back to me just as each book i publish gives me a sense of accomplishment. But i must say, the collaboration with Daughter Nadirah U. Khalifah, on this book, has taken my mind to the place reserved ONLY for parents who live long enough to see and experience greatness manifesting in their own children.
Fortunately “Greatness” is never measured by the amount of money one is able to acquire; nor is it about status in the dastardly, false notion of white supremacy based system of oppression,” known in other words as The United States of America,” or simply “The System.”
No, the Greatness we speak of is that of the character of Black Youth who do not succumb to the temptations that fell too, very many of their friends and playmates. It is played out and seen in what they produce living through it all: the children, mastery of productive work and responsibility, carrying on the culture and goodness of the best graces their parents prayed and hoped for…


CALLING ALL MYSTICS & INTERESTED BLACK PEOPLE: If you were planning to be at the Psychic Fair this coming weekend, Come On Down regardless! You will be afforded an opportunity to share what you may have planned to, amid the vibrations of one of the Greatest mystics the world has ever known: The Psychic we call Nat Turner. Walk a portion of his Birth Land with noted Spiritualist & Nat Turner historian, Sebek H. Khalif Khalifah; identify some of the abundant herbs & things on the land; share your phenomena with understanding mystics in our mist. And less we forget: phenomena is not particular to any one person, place or thing. Nor is uncovering the mysteries that unveil the Splendor of the Grand Design and wonderful destiny of a courageous, noble, surviving, Freedom deserving people: African people. Call to reserve a speaking slot and a seat for a dynamic tour of The Nat Turner Trail Sunday, 11 am to 2 pm: 434-378-2140. Limited accommodations, wholesome vegan and vegetarian Food, Abundant, positively charged vibrations, IF YOU ARE OPEN FOR SUCH A CONNECTION.
I realize this is a late in the event planning, but we didn’t get the word that the Psychic Fair was “Postponed” until the next Solar Cycle Journey LAST EVENING:We will now apply the signature of KKVV (Khalifah Kujichagulia Village Virginia), The Village where Representatives of The Creator in the Kingdom continue to practice Self-Determination (Kujichagulia), while preparing for the Final Judgment of the Present Solar Cycle Journey.
Call for more information: 434-3782140…


THURSDAY (11/17/2016=1=GEB/AUSAR= As above so below. GEB is the name of the delineated Law of Maat that gives us the ability to balance the other laws in relating to each other. The balancing comes as a neutral result of our use/practice in the execution of our Words, Acts and Deeds to live successful, satisfying, wholesome enjoyable lives during our Life Experiences. Since practice makes perfect the ultimate result of the usage is mastery of the delineated Universal Melanin Law.
I have already written quite extensively about GEB, I may share an excerpt about this delineated Law of Maat from the comprehensive book that I have in progress about The Creation.
Yesterday, 11/16/2016=9=The Completion digit, WE completed the first of our monthly offers to Black America in particular, and to anyone whom understand the importance of empowering Black people in general. I am encouraged and thankful to all who were able to and DID donate to “Support our effort to preserve and propagate the authentic Legacy and History about Nat Turner.”
I am also thankful for others who would’ve liked to but didn’t have money to spare: your energy and sincere desires was also quite helpful. Both individuals feeling/vibrations to me: said loud and clearly that you have evolved to a CERTAIN degree of Understanding about the importance of Nat Turner; and what we are doing in KKVV to document the Legacy of Nat Turner and the Black Liberation Army of 1831. The amount of donations added up to a sum of $540.00 before GO FUND ME TOOK THEIR CUT.
The invitation is still open for you to come here to affirm your feelings and why you decided to make a donation. The Nat Turner film is precipitating a steady stream of Guests to The Birth Land of Nat Turner. We are giving guided tours and learning from, even as we share what we have learned. I remind one and all that the 100 acres of Nat Turner Land is still in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy filing. We still have a few months to secure the Land.
Everyone who donated last month will receive their “Premium” in a few days. The premium is a copy of the picture on this page. I was unable to send it when I wanted to because of a delay in printing. And also because I do not have the addresses of all of the donors: Please send me a street address to where I can mail you this remarkable document. As we have stated many times, “The Confessions of Nat Turner is one of the most remarkable documents in Human history.”
Until we can spare the budget to print in numbers to match the anticipated heavy demand, it will only be available at the Nat Turner Library; and is given as a premium to donors who donate a minimum of $15.00. This commitment will hold through the 2016 Kwanzaa Season. The exception to this declaration will be if donations are such that we are empowered to print up the 5,000 we intend to print in January in advance of Black History Month….REMEMBER TO leave a street address where we can send a copy of this book.Thank You.